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Our goal is to provide the best IT service available. We hire for it; we train to it; we live it. Ready?


How We’ve Evolved

Based in Whitby, Ontario, Simnet was founded in 2005 with the goal to simplify networking solutions. We specialize in high-performance cloud compute with our Hosted Private Cloud, high-touch support with our Managed Services, and high-transparency Security as a Service SIEM.

While our client base has grown significantly, we have stuck to our boutique concept. Our focus is to give each of our clients a unique experience that suits their growing business needs. We are always reinvesting in our company to provide our clients with the best solutions and our employees with the best training. Simnet’s success is a direct result of the talent we employ, the leadership within, and the trust we’ve earned with our clients.

Ted de Vos

About the Founder & CEO

Ted de Vos is the Founder and CEO of Simnet. Drawing from 25 years of enterprise IT experience, he is an innovative, solution-driven leader. With Ted, performance is the driving factor, be it data center compute, datastore store IOPS, or pushing the limits on a track day with his friends. If it’s not fast and efficient, it’s not for him.

He comes from a family of entrepreneurs, and he has a great passion for solving real problems. Simnet was born to simplify the integration of IT with business, with performance and support their core values. The concept of keeping ideas simple allows them to share ideas easily, both internally and with their wonderful clients. Today, Simnet helps over 100 clients worldwide. And while Simnet has grown, its entrepreneurial spirit remains intact.

What Defines Us

Everyone at Simnet has the same goal: to provide SMBs with exceptional IT products and services that keep our clients’ businesses agile and competitive. With markets, industries, and technology constantly changing, we are always learning and developing our skills to keep our clients ahead of the competition. We pride ourselves on staying on top of the latest technological solutions and thrive on the challenge of customizing them to continually meet our clients’ needs and goals.

We’re not just tech junkies, though; we’re also dedicated customer advocates who understand the personal and professional importance of transparency. If you strongly feel that you can bring these attributes to our team, we would love to hear from you.


A Supportive Environment

At Simnet, we care deeply for our employees and invest in their futures. We are a close-knit, dedicated, and forward-thinking team. Come build your career at a company where your voice matters. Working at Simnet means flexibility, mutual trust, and respect. We’re committed to dynamic and beneficial employee relations, from streamlined recruiting and thorough onboarding to continuous learning and development with opportunities for advancement. If you’re looking for a valued, autonomous position within a healthy, supportive culture, then you’ve found the right place.

Here’s What Our Employees Have to Say

Slide 1 Heading
“I have never felt more supported by management than I do at Simnet. They recognized my potential and worked with me to set up a career path and goals. The work atmosphere is great and I have a lot of fun on the weekly video chats, where we connect and play games.”

Nicole Miller, Office Administrator
Slide 1 Heading
“What I like most of working at Simnet, it’s hands-on and you work with a team environment where everyone can contribute, from working at Simnet I learned new skills like working with Firewalls and Cybersecurity.”

Sutha, Securities Manager, SOC
Slide 3 Heading
“Simnet allowed me to work with sharp edge cloud technology and develop my skill to the current trends in the market. I feel the company investing in my career..”

Davi Torres, IT Analyst, NOC
Slide 4 Heading
“Working for Simnet has opened many avenues for me in my career path, providing me more ability to work in many different environments with varying types of software than I have at any previous job. In my first 3 months of working at Simnet I feel I have learned more than I did working for a year at my last workplace. The entire team at Simnet are very easy to get along with, everyone treats each other as equals, I always feel welcome, and there is always an opportunity to learn new skills from the team.”

Kyle Suitor, IT Analyst, NOC

Recruitment FAQ’s

Everything you want to know.
First and foremost, we want you to love coming into work. Whether it’s creating opportunities and providing excellent training, or treating our employees with respect and autonomy, we strive to create an environment where our employees can grow, openly communicate, and achieve their goals.

It’s a mix, though most of our employees come into the office. We are social beings; it’s how we learn and how we thrive. We purposefully designed our office with teamwork in mind, and we even positioned our desks to build camaraderie.

No day is the same! Our IT Support Analysts are the first point of contact and one of the most visible roles in our company. We have a variety of clients with a range of environments that our analysts work with daily. Our support analysts focus on helping to resolve technical issues that our end users encounter, perform preventive maintenance, and often assist in the rollout of new IT related projects.

Our Tier 1 Analysts take the initial inquiry and manage relatively simple hardware, software, or network issues that are quick to resolve. If they can’t address the problem within a short amount of time, they escalate the ticket to a Tier 2 Analyst.

Our Tier 2 Analysts resolve more complex systems and applications problems. These analysts might deal with more time-sensitive issues, spend part of their day on ticket maintenance or project work, or engage external vendors when needed.

Tier 3 Analysts research and resolve the most complex issues that other help desk levels have been unable to fix and are heavily involved in project work. They also analyze trends and are constantly looking for ways to prevent recurring issues.

Our analysts spends the majority of the day performing remote support. This can take a number of forms:
  • Over-the-phone support
  • Screen sharing or remote control
  • Email support
Performing any kind of technical support is challenging, but remote support can require even more skill. Our analysts must visualize what the user is seeing on their screen, know exactly what suggestions to give, and how to provide guidance with easy-to-follow instructions. Sometimes screen sharing or remote control tools won’t work, such as deploying a new workstation. In these cases, our analysts will provide hands on (onsite) support.

It can be! But if you love a good challenge, you’ll find it rewarding too. Providing support can be particularly tricky during peak periods of the day when the volume of calls picks up, queues get longer, and pressure mounts. The help desk analyst therefore needs to know how to keep cool and work efficiently under pressure.

All of our tickets are tracked using a ticketing system. Accurate, timely, and consistent documentation of tickets are of the utmost importance at Simnet. We have set standards for what a quality ticket looks like because our customers’ experience is what is important to us. We measure time to respond (not time to close). Doing right the first time is more important than rushing to close a ticket to meet a stat. A portion of the day might be reviewing existing tickets and looking for cases that should be closed, following up with users where appropriate, and setting reminders for future action. All of our support technicians are expected to be documentation wizards.

We are looking for people that are passionate about technology. People that will put our clients first because they understand how to be empathetic to our customers’ needs. Crusaders that will push through until their job is done.

If you want a predictable 9-5 job, this is not your place. However, if you want to build a career with a fast-paced, growing team and are willing to work hard to earn it, get in touch with us!

Absolutely! Simnet is constantly expanding and there is always opportunity for growth.

What are the perks?

We strive to create an environment where our employees are well taken care of and rewarded for their hard work.

Company benefits & Group RRSP’s (Registered Retirement Savings Plans)
Teambuilding and social events with giveaways
Tech-lab to build, test, and learn
Quarterly in-demand technology training

We Welcome Everyone

Simnet is constantly working to maintain and improve our inclusive, friendly workplace. We ensure that both applicants and our people receive unbiased treatment without discrimination on the grounds of gender, age, disability, religion, belief, sexual orientation, marital status, race, or any other protected characteristic.

Don’t see a position that suits you right now? No problem!

We’re not looking for employees; we’re looking for “A” players. Whether you’re actively or passively looking, we’re always open to connecting with talented individuals who share our company values. If you are inspired and motivated by complex challenges and believe in what we do, we invite you to send your resume to – even if there isn’t an open position.