World’s fastest, most secure, managed cloud infrastructure or managed cloud infrastructure and platform services…because we are using all NVMe and offering the fastest GPUaaS in the world, and offering fully managed with built in NOC and SOC and SIEM

Business is better in the cloud.

Aging infrastructure, skyrocketing costs, security threats, and complex software can make running a company the way it needs to be seem impossible. At SIMNET, a leading cloud services company, we make IT simple. Our team of best cloud storage service providers offers seamless migration to the cloud with a variety of services including cloud computing, accounting, hosting & management that make your business run smoothly, securely, and effortlessly. Business owners can leverage the cloud to create an affordable and stable IT infrastructure that optimizes management while maintaining data security to minimize IT risk. We are here to provide IT infrastructure managed services for your business.

The benefits of

The best cloud services providers for your business can offer you resources to enhance your security and reliability. Hosting solutions in Canada can give you access to secure storage and the ability to communicate more effectively online. Personal solutions and tools provide you with access to computing that can enhance your security and business offering. ERP offerings and accounting software give you more control over your system, providing reliable solutions to clients without the risk of cyber-threat. 

Management Solutions

Management solutions within these digital networks allow you to have complete control over your digital systems. This makes your business far more effective and enables security measures to cover all internal and client-related data elements. In addition, with complete control over these systems and the scale of the needed solutions, you can adjust the resources to suit your business requirements. 


Cyber security is vital to businesses operating across networks, allowing you to keep your corporate information and client details safe from hackers or threats. With the right professional tools at your disposal, you can ensure the safety of your business assets. The software allows you to monitor and manage your system to ensure the utmost protection from threats. 

Unlimited Accessibility 

Cloud storage and hosting solutions give you unlimited access to resources. With the ability to scale to your needs, you can cater to the resources your company needs amiable. With cost-effective implementation and maintenance, this management option gives you cloud ERP solutions and impactful accounting software for your business. With secure ways to communicate throughout your company, you can safely conduct business from across the world without delay or limitations. 

Cloud service providers offer your businesses the best options for hosting, cloud ERP solutions, accounting, and needed online software solutions. Computing solutions like these ensure your company has the tools needed to thrive in your industry. Personal storage solutions can change the way you do business. You can communicate with corporate and clients without issue or delay with robust hosting solutions. Contact us today to find out more about these options. 

Discover Our Cloud IT Services:

Private Cloud (IaaS)
We are private cloud services providers and can help you in making your own private, secure cloud for smooth communication and excellent performance anywhere.
Cloud Migration

Get your data, servers, and everything that makes up your business seamlessly migrated. Check our cloud migration services.

Hardware Security Modules

A fully managed Hardware Security Module to ensure full compliance to all industry standard while providing an dedicated instance on a next gen hardware platform.

Veeam Cloud Connect
Have your data always accessible and fully protected with enterprise-grade backup and recovery
Backup & Disaster Recovery
Safeguard your valuable data against loss and disaster with superior technology.
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SIMNET success stories

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“Simnet and their team are top notch friendly helpful professionals. From IT consulting to web hosting, they are knowledgeable, professional and the team is prompt in all facets of project satisfaction from start to finish. I would highly recommend there services”

Ron Jeschke

IT Supervisor at Town of Cobourg

“The staff at Simnet has a genuine interest in making sure our systems are operating well.  With each call or e-mail, I feel like I am treated uniquely for the needs of our company.  Simnet provides that level of expertise that we could not hope to duplicate. They work well with my staff and I to become another member of the team.  Whether it is a direct call from a specialist for a ticket just created or a text from the owner at 4AM to tell me our systems are back up, I can be assured that someone has our back in IT.”

Graeme Ross


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“SIMNET’s Cloud, Security, and Managed services have accelerated Community Savings’ digital transformation journey, including the migration of our on-premises infrastructure to a virtual data center. Community Savings and SIMNET share a strong commitment to bolstering security, achieving, and sustaining compliance, and continuously enhancing efficiency and risk management.”
Kari Johnson

Chief Technology Officer

“Simnet has helped Olon Industries secure our critical business data everyday. Simnet allows Olon’s staff to focus on our core business services and keep our network running effectively.”
David Fisher

Olon Industries

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