September 24, 2021
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There are various ways to perform an IT vulnerability assessment, allowing you to see firsthand where the weaknesses lie within your business network. Integral to security online for any organization, this process can help you discover the most likely places for a threat to occur, and minimize the chance of that happening. One of the most common routes to assessment and analysis is through automated scanning software that can quickly understand and decode information as you need it. These tools use databases of known weaknesses, or potential weak points in the network, to identify where flaws may occur within apps, containers, systems, data, hardware, and more.

Needed Resources 

The tools used provide businesses with a simple and comprehensive product that allows for scanning elements in a way that is comprehensive and easy to understand. These tools can scan every aspect of your technology to analyse each element within the network. Once the scans are completed, the tool will report on all the issues discovered and suggest actions to remove threats, as well as what level of threat is present. When you take on a full-featured tool you also get insight into the security and operational impact of remediating a risk, compared to accepting the risk as moving on to a more important element. Scanning data may also be integrated into a SIEM along with other data for even more in-depth threat analytics for your IT professionals to use.

Asset Scans

Vulnerability assessments and scans should be performed on a regular basis and be included in every strategy. Whether dealing with updates, new elements or an extension added on, you need to have an analysis as an integral part of the process. New threats will continue to emerge as you make adjustments which is why these regular checkups are so necessary. It is essential to identify and address weaknesses effectively in order to limit the risk to your cybersecurity. However, scanning is only part of the process. Other systems at play like penetration testing, can also identify a range of risk elements within your company and associated network. Penetration testing complements scanning and is useful for determining if a weakness can be treated and whether that treatment would cause damage, data loss, or other issues as a result.

An IT vulnerability assessment can ideally scan and assess your business networks and seek out potential risk elements within. These are ideal for managing the security of your organization’s data. Contact us today to find out more!