Secure Cloud Storage
January 24, 2022
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The most significant concern businesses have with online information storage is its protection from outside sources. Fortunately, though, there have been streams of success for small and large corporations that have chosen to migrate their storage to the cloud.

Here at Simnet, we supply the best secure cloud storage to our clients and ensure the utmost cyber protection of their confidential information. So, if your business requires a faster and more efficient way of accessing documents and collaborating on projects, we can help!

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How to Choose the Best Cloud Storage for Your Business

Cloud storage has altered the way that businesses operate online. By keeping documents in the cloud, you and your team can access files from anywhere without the need to constantly transfer from one device to another, which means you are saving a considerable amount of time and increasing productivity. In addition, the benefits of auto-saving and remote storage mean you can keep your important data safe at all times.

All the benefits of cloud storage make it a no-brainer for small businesses; in fact, it’s the only rational choice. But, how do you choose the best secure cloud storage software to meet your needs?

Consider these points when choosing cloud storage:

  1. Consider the storage limits – navigating the storage limits of each cloud storage provider is essential if your business deals with a lot of data or you are planning to expand.
  2. Consider device limitations – make sure to check whether the software includes support for multiple devices. In addition, check if there are any limits to the number of users who can access your data.
  3. Decide on functionality – check whether your cloud storage also offers cloud syncing functions. Cloud syncing will allow you to use your cloud storage as a collaborative tool. Also, be sure to check functionality for external sharing without the need for registration from the receiving party.
  4. Consider security – the security level of your cloud storage will depend on the nature of your business. Three essential security factors to look at are data encryption, two-factor authentication for login and on-premises hosting.

Simnet is the number one cloud storage provider and has helped countless businesses regain control with the flexibility, security and convenience that their services offer.

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