Best Cloud Hosting Companies
July 22, 2021
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Your business can benefit from the best cloud hosting services available from Simnet. When you make use of these solutions you bring your business to the next level and ensure you can compete with the top companies in the world. More than any traditional solution could offer, this is the top way for organizations to install a more streamlined, integrated communications core. Read on to find out more!

How to Grow With This Type of Computing

Now more than ever we understand the need for quick and effective online communications. Since the COVID pandemic hit the world, organizations have had to adapt in order to ensure productivity was not down as long as the world remained at a stand-still. Video meetings replaced personal meetings with colleagues and customers. Instead of the usual trade fair visits, many professionals have had to participate in digital conferences in order to network in the same way. More and more work has become digital and the ability to operate effectively online is paramount to your success. We need to ensure efficient work ability despite contact restrictions, and cut costs while optimizing your business processes. Strategic priorities have changed significantly in many places and IT is one clear focus that can boost the ability and reach of your organization.

Key Technology for Digital Transformation

Cloud technology is a key enabler for transformation within the business. Regardless of whether it is about the partial outsourcing of data storage, the need for additional computing power, the use of tailor-made software-as-a-service solutions, or the offer of own services as cloud applications, all in all there are a wide range of technological opportunities that can be taken when you have these resources at your disposal.

Ideal Bridging Solution

Managed services like Simnet are ideal as bridging solutions to utilize for your business. Many companies tend to rely on their own data center or more traditionally, on-site solutions that also come with heavy costs of installation and maintenance. It is advisable not to transfer specific areas and core processes to the public cloud, but to keep these “on-premises” with private cloud extensions. This is where the hybrid cloud comes into play. It represents a needs-based combination of public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises computing and offers you the advantages of a flexibly expandable IT infrastructure that the company otherwise needs to maintain at potentially higher costs.

These cloud hosting services offer the best solutions to many traditional issues. When companies need to boost their reach, ability and productivity, these modern approaches allow for more mobility and growth. Contact us to find out more!