January 28, 2022
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If you’re a business owner, then you know and understand the importance of securing your business from cyberattacks and threats. Unfortunately, many companies think that having firewalls and network security systems is enough to secure their information and don’t bother with more extensive or pervading processes.

There is still much more you can do to strengthen your cyber security and ensure your processes are running at optimal capacity. The answer is security vulnerability management solutions. Vulnerability management is arguably the most essential piece of your cyber security.

Although vulnerability management doesn’t eliminate vulnerabilities entirely, since completely wiping them out is impossible, it does give you the ability to account for and address them as they appear.

Here at Simnet, we understand how important the security of your business is to you, which is why we deliver top-tier managed security service provider to help you mitigate risks and grow your business.

Why Your Business Needs Security Vulnerability Tools

Understanding how your business could benefit from vulnerability management is the start to creating a robust and unbreakable cyber security system. The reality is that the more vulnerabilities you have, the more risk you have to face daily. It’s important to note that vulnerabilities are directly linked to cybercrime threats on your organization, so starting with mitigating the vulnerabilities is the logical solution to improving your overall safety and security.

Vulnerabilities Enable Crimes of Opportunity

Criminals are not always actively looking for crimes to commit. For example, if a pickpocket is walking around the shopping mall, not actively looking for their next target but willing to act if the opportunity arises, vulnerabilities will be their primary source of attraction. Open handbags and cellphones halfway exposed in your back pocket are opportunities they simply cannot resist, and being vulnerable makes you a targeted victim for the crime.

To cybercriminals, vulnerabilities stick out just like exposed valuables to a pickpocket.

How Vulnerability Tools Can Help

Vulnerability management tools mitigate risks through assessment and remediation of identified weak spots in your cyber security. The tools may comprise technologies within your existing security framework or include new software dedicated explicitly to vulnerability management.

The most important part of implementing ironclad vulnerability management is bringing in professionals. Contracting to a managed security service provider with Simnet allows you to leverage management and cyber security tools and will enable you to set up tools and processes of your own.

Simnet is Canada’s number one managed security service provider (MSSP) and managed service provider (MSP), so contact us today to learn more about our security vulnerability management solutions.