Vulnerability Management
September 20, 2021
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When security vulnerability management solutions are implemented correctly, enterprises benefit from enhanced elements in place allowing them to save both time and money on preventing the next cyber attack. Having the correct processes in place enables business teams to assess the impact of any weaknesses and let a business prioritise which ones need the most immediate attention and which present the most obvious risks to the company structure.

The Modern Challenges

Ideally, businesses would and should implement these needed online solutions as they can easily identify and remediate weak areas that can be found within the network. There is a range of challenges faced when dealing with an implementation that depends on the scale and scope of your company. With the right solutions on hand, these can be circumvented allowing you to benefit.


Time is of the essence when dealing with these systems as they require the processing of long network lists. Security teams need to manually go through to verify if the identified weaknesses were actual or showing as a false positive. This takes expertise and man hours that can be avoided if you have the right management solutions in place to guide your strategy and ability.

Lack of Prioritisation

In the way that these systems approach network assessment, there is an increased chance for many systems to bring up false positives or even increased incorrectly prioritised assets. As there are so many, it will rely on base scores to order their importance. With a more advanced system, you can ensure that fewer false positives occur and that you get more reliable feedback from your network analyses.

Manual Work

Many enterprises face a similar challenge of a shortage of cybersecurity professionals, which results in an increased amount of weak points making their way into the network, oftentimes during the time-intensive process of sifting through assets. When you have the right elements in place and the right tools to support you, you can ensure that your network is secure at all times.

A Solution We Can Offer

A fully SaaS, automated solution that generates a unique risk score per vulnerability based on the device’s found weaknesses and its role in both a site and organization. Using this unique risk score, accurate prioritizations are generated that enable security teams to focus on the most critical areas and assets first.

When you need to know more about vulnerability management solutions and your network security be sure to talk to the trusted professionals. Contact us today to find out more about our services!