Cloud Storage
July 22, 2022
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Veeam Cloud Connect for the enterprise is a beneficial system that can change how you operate and integrate within your business structure. An advanced approach to cloud computing, this infrastructure can be essential in connecting you to your clients and partners worldwide in a more meaningful way.

In addition, with the ability to backup data and ensure you have secure, offsite data centres available, this service reduces your need to maintain your VPNs or complicated infrastructure systems.

Read on to find out more about these digital data solutions.

First, An Explanation 

This system enables you as a business to act as disaster recovery service providers, delivering essential off-site backup and replication solutions to your internal customers.

The design simplifies over-complicated infrastructure by removing the need to maintain a VPN connection within a business actively. In addition, it improves security by containing all backup information and managing traffic through a single port.

This allows you to send backups from multiple locations, delivered securely to a focused data centre for storage or archiving.

Maintaining Data Sovereignty

Many businesses are subject to strict regulatory compliance and corporate governance rules, preventing them from giving control to a third-party service provider. As a result, these organisations are looking to centrally manage and maintain complete control of their data, regardless of its physical location.

Veeam Cloud Connect for the enterprise delivers a cost-effective, highly flexible approach for customers to maintain full control and data sovereignty over their entire corporate backup infrastructure.

This applies whether they store their remote office or workstation backups at the main data centre or in the public cloud. In addition, with end-to-end encryption at the source, in-flight and the point of rest, customers always know their data is secure and within their control.

Primary Data Centre Or Private Cloud

Enterprise businesses with multiple locations have a distributed workforce that need a way to centrally manage and store the data within each office or workstation.

With an integrated, modern system like this, you can utilise a single IT function to manage backup and replication services for every corporate location worldwide.

Backup And Protect Enterprise Employee Workstations

Enterprises with a workforce consisting of mobile users across the country, or even across the globe, must be able to protect and centralise their organisation’s data wherever a user is located.

This system helps maintain control over an organisation’s data by enabling the backup of employee workstations. These workstations can be backed securely and seamlessly to your chosen destination.

Veeam cloud connect for enterprises can be an essential service to many organisations that operate on a global scale, providing reliable backup and data storage within a range of digital solutions.

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